About us

MASTERLIGHT launched operations in the lighting industry in 2003.

Our overarching objective and mission is to provide customers with turnkey solutions in lighting. At the design stage we use Litestar, Dialux, Relux, and CAD software.
We provide full services to benefit investment projects with our expert advice, including inter-industry coordination in the area of lighting technology. We focus on professional design and sale of lighting.
For the purposes of our customers and their investment projects we deliver electrical system designs with any and all authorisations, mount lighting installations, and carry out the measurements necessary for acceptance of electrical works. Given that we manufacture lighting fittings and trade in a wide range of lighting products, we are capable of adjusting our lighting designs to market needs and customise the same to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our inspirations, partnerships with customers, and dynamic team of educated electrical engineers are recognised and trusted by our customers, which is why they recommend our services.
You are welcome to benefit from our experience:
"with us you will know the taste of good light ..."
You are welcome to visit our head office, have a face-to-face meeting with an interior designer, and see our lighting exhibition.
 Our outdoor and indoor lighting designs and technical solutions have been implemented around Poland in: office, commercial and industrial spaces (offices, corporate offices, warehouses, shops), residential spaces (apartments, houses, residences, residential buildings), sports and school spaces and outdoor areas (property, garden, parking lot lighting)

Companies/persons who find our offer interesting are welcome to enter into mutually satisfactory close cooperation.

MASTERLIGHT Prezentacja firmy


Projekty i rozwiązania techniczne zrealizowane na terenie całej Polski dotyczące oświetlenia zewnętrznego oraz wewnętrznego dla:

  • powierzchni biurowych, handlowych i przemysłowych (biura, siedziby firm, magazyny, sklepy),
  • powierzchni mieszkalnych (apartamenty, domy jednorodzinne, rezydencje, budynki wielorodzinne),
  • powierzchni sportowych i szkolnych oraz terenów zewnętrznych (oświetlenie posesji, ogrodu, parkingu)


Zapraszamy do obustronnie satysfakcjonującej, partnerskiej współpracy firmy/osoby, które uznają naszą ofertę za interesującą.